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“The Flip-Side #4 with Alexis Briana Baker”

Ok, this installment to “The Flip-Side” project was a real experience!  First off, I want to thank my friend Jason Carroll because without his contacts, I would have never had the opportunity to meet up with Alexis and do this piece with her.  So, thanks Jason!!! When I first heard about Alexis and her cheerleading(…)

“The Flip-Side #3 with Karlie Kilmer”

Alright!  This one has been in the works for a while, and I’m super excited to release the 3rd chapter in “The Flip-Side” series featuring Karlie Kilmer!  When we spoke about the two sides of her life that she was passionate about, the images of what I wanted to create to tell her story immediately(…)

“The Flip-Side #2″ with Lynn Hughes

Today I want to present the second installment of “The Flip-Side” project…  This time I ventured out to Terre Haute where I met up with Lynn Hughes, the Director of the Terre Haute Children’s Museum…  When she first contacted me about the idea for this installment, I had a vision for how I wanted to(…)

“The Flip-Side” with Courtney Cole

Here it is, the very FIRST installment of “The Flip-Side” project featuring Courtney Cole….  Rather than spoil the surprise by talking too much, I’m going to let the image spread do all the talking.  I do however want to thank you Courtney for taking time out of your day to work with me on this(…)

Introduction to……”The Flip-Side”.

It’s been a long, drawn out Winter here in the mid-western plains of Indiana….  Over the past several months, it has been difficult to keep a creative spark glowing amongst the snow, cold winds and rainy overcast days.  Many of the photographers and models that I see in my area have been trying to keep(…)

Dynamics… a “Hot Button” discussion in Photography & Modeling

I wanted to start my 2014 off on the right foot, and as an industry professional I felt that I needed to bring to light a subject that seems to be all over the map, and on the minds of photographers, models, MUA’s and Hairstylists alike…  The question involves the standard “process flow” if you(…)

New Year, New Site!!!

Hey everyone!  Kicking off 2014 with a brand new website and blog, hoping to make 2014 a fantastic year for me both personally and professionally…  As I work on projects throughout the year, I’ll be adding posts here as well as updating my portfolio imagery, so please keep on the lookout for new stuff!  As(…)